knows that "Don Juan" ran over,

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I believe everyone has seen the Journey to the West? The characters in the Journey to the West must make you remember? In my family, I started a Journey to the West. Tang Yan----Mother talked about this Tang Yan, everyone must be familiar with it? In most families, our mother is like that Don Juan, and it��s endless. For a moment, "Oh, help my mother take something.", and then "you give me a hurry to write homework!". Like a bee, I have been screaming in my ear. Selected clips: I just finished dinner, I really want to take a break and watch TV. Who knows that "Don Juan" ran over, and "����" shut down the TV and started her long story: "Look at you, one day. I want to play at night, rest, watch TV, don't do business.........." I listened to my mother talking incessantly, but felt like a lullaby. Slowly stretched out a lazy waist, slower than the turtle, and reluctantly walked into the room Sun Wukong----Since the mother is Tang Yan, then I am just a fake, a veritable Sun Wukong. Every time, my mother brought me a "catch" Parliament Cigarettes , so I must listen to her. Whenever my mother started to preach Cigarettes Online , the "claw" on my head played a role: I rolled straight on the floor (in fact, not so serious, but exaggerated, please forgive), holding his head in both hands. Featured clip: I sneak out and plan to eat some fruit, but I know that I was caught by my mother. I saw her in the air, sitting on the sofa, began her preaching: "You..." In fact, the mother did say a lot, but I did not listen to it. Suddenly the spell has already played a role. Poor me, I have to ask my mother to spare me. Uh... The cartoon is a pig, and in our house, there is a "Pig Eight Brothers"! If you look at them separately, it seems to divide the cute (poor no one loves) pigs into two. Well, get down to business, their true identity is - father and brother! They, one is a snooze with a pig and a lazy, and the other is a greedy pig Marlboro Lights . The two are combined into one, and they are even more pigs than the pigs! My father is the former. Dad goes to work at night and sleeps during the day. Every day from 5 or 6 in the morning to 5 or 6 in the evening, there are about 12 hours or so, more than three or four hours more than my sleep! Even if I sleep for so long, my father will still wake up when he gets up. Say: "Let me talk again!" Then he turned back and slept. To talk about my younger brother, people who have seen him will basically say a sentence: "Your younger brother is greedy!" Whenever I heard this, I would like to go down the wind and sigh involuntarily: "You are really amazing, even me. This senior foodie is also self-satisfied! Liu, I am willing to go down the wind."
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